Training of instructors

Training period: 9 hours
Lecturers: Mgr. Simonne Miškovič

HoOpingFit® Basic

In this training you will learn:

  • The main thing about lesson management of HoOpingFit®
  • The way HoOpingFit® strenghtens muscles, burns fat and improves coordination and flexibility.
  • How to learn techniques so exercises are as effective as possible.
  • How to make a lesson more challenging
  • How to create a lesson for begginers and advanced

After completition of training you recieve:

  • Certificate of HoOpingFit® instructor.
  • Scripts
  • The rights to use a trademark HoOpingFit® and logos for your own HoOpingFit® center.
  • HoOpingFit® training DVD
  • Marketingové tipy a materiály
  • Wholesale prices on HoOpingFit® clothing and other merchandise
  • Your center and contact informations will be published on websites HoOpingFit®

Nearest instructor trainings.

Training course City Date Contact Price Registration
HoOpingFit® BASIC Banská Bystrica 22.09.2018 160.00 
HoOpingFit® BASIC Banská Bystrica 24.11.2018 160.00