HoOpingFit will get you in shape!

In today’s fast time, we would like to have everything now. Lose weight 5 kg after the first day of diet and enjoy the ripped-ache after the first workout. Even though we will not achieve the desired results while you wait, if by magic, there is a way to get it a little easier. That way is effective exercise.

We really expect a lot of exercise, but how to choose the right for yourself? Because you need a solution on so many problems. You need to burn fat in an effective cardio, to shape body by the strengthening and   to do something for the health of the back, because sedentary give it slowly but surely ugly bends. It would be perfect, if you enjoyed this exercise. We understand you…

Therefore, we have developed a innovation in the world of fitness – workout HoOpingFit.This workout combines effective cardio with bodyweight exercises, so you burn fat, slim the body and  beautifully form problem parts such as abdomen, hips, legs and arms. The workout with special hoop strengthens back muscles, it improves posture and alleviate the back pain. And what’s the best? You did not realize that you are training and working – workout HoOpingFit is one big fun. So you have everything, what you need for a healthy and active lifestyle in one.

Workout in the rhythm of the music with a special hoop with a weight of 1.2 kg. Thanks to this burden, you burn more calories and beautifully shape arms, abdomen also legs. Workout HoOpingFit has the following positive effects:

  • Effective training for the abdomen, waist and back muscles
  • Intense cardiovascular workout
  • High calorie consumption (compared to aerobics, box or running) 600-800 calories / hour
  • It engages muscles of the entire body and is gentle on the joints
  • Improves balance and coordination of movements
  • It improves the elasticity of connective tissue (“anti-cellulite” effect)
  • It increases the flexibility of muscles and mobilizes the entire body
  • improves motor skills
  • reduces stress
  • It improves awareness of your body and thus increases confidence
  • Funny form of group fitness workout
  • It fosters creativity
  • refreshes the mind
  • It creates a feeling of satisfaction


Besides the basic HoOpingFit workout, there is a version for kids HoOpingFit KIDS, which will show children the joy of workout through play. You can also workout HoOpingFit REHAB, focused on improving locomotor system and keeping condition or HoOpingFit STRONG focused on the development of strength, speed and endurance.

And so why are you waiting? If you still did not tried HoOpingFit, visit lesson in your city. If you find any mentors in your town and you think that exactly something like this is missing in your home, add to us and become an instructor. You work out with us but you can do it also at home according to our new DVD. We create a practical package for home exercise, which includes a DVD with exercises + hula hoop hoop – all packed in a handy bag. You’ll get it in our eshop.

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